[Podcast] SMIP # 95: Vintage Champs Review & B&R Update


Kevin Cron and Steve Menendian discuss the results of the North American Vintage Championship 2019, as well as the November 1st Banned and Restricted List update.

0:00:57: Announcements
0:02:40: Vintage Champs Summary
0:08:30: Vintage Champs Metagame Breakdown
0:26:20: Top 8 Decks
0:56:00: Our tournament experiences
1:30:39: Narset Restriction: Analysis and Impact
Total runtime: 1:58:45
Show Notes
– November 1, 2019 Banned and Restricted List Announcement
– North America Vintage Champs 2019 Coverage and Results
– Vintage 101: US Eternal Weekend NA Vintage Championships 2019

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It was great to hear Steve's current enthusiasm for Dredge.

Dredge is a lot of fun. Just playing with Force of Will and Bazaar of Baghdad in the same deck immediately creates a very complex series of decisions in a huge proportion of the games.

This was a really good episode. That's not really a surprise since they're all good, but I enjoyed this one a lot.

You made a few points in passing that I've used in arguing for many, many cards to be unrestricted.

You were pleased that Fastbond opened up novel, fun budget options, for one, which I think could happen with unrestrictions as well. Power 9 is de-emphasized if other powerful cards are available. ESG and Channel go better together than Channel and Mox Pearl, for example, similar for Necropotence and Dark Ritual.

You also pointed out that Narset will be more obnoxious as a one-of than a four-of. The obnoxiousness of losing to a restricted card is a major detriment to restriction, in my opinion. Monastery Mentor is regularly game over, but at least if there are four of them I have reason to build my deck to stop them. Similar with Lodestone Golem or Chalice of the Void.

And Steve had a comment about being excited to play with new, powerful cards. We don't get to do that if players' first reactions to new strategies are to get them restricted. The format was adjusting to Narset, as you pointed out, and Karn/Forge was showing weakness to BUG when they were restricted. New cards should last longer than 6 months, let alone 2.


I enjoyed listening to this but I feel like you guys didn't give enough analysis to the Workshop deck. Maybe perhaps it is because you haven't played with or against the deck, but the main purpose for Golos (a Legendary creature) is to act as an engine with Karakas. Replaying Golos every turn is the main mode of this deck.

@grandpabelcher Thank you!

One point I intended to make in the episode, but forgot, is that opinion on the Vintage Restricted List is a spectrum that runs from Nat Moes at one end to Brian Kelly on the other. I think that's a useful heuristic for viewing these positions as endpoints along a continuum.

That's me, Vintage libertarian!

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