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I know, I know. But I was curious. Do you guys remember our discussion on Uncovered Clues a while ago? What I remember from that was that it was unplayable because it puts cards on the bottom instead of graveyard and only looks at only 4 cards.

This one solves both issues. It's still a sorcery, it still maybe costs 1 too much, but I feel this is quite good.

Sorry if this is a double post of something on the old TMD... I can't remember seeing this card there

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This being a Sorcery seems like the biggest issue with it in my opinion. If it were an Instant maybe it could see some play. As it is, I don't see how it's much better than Forbidden Alchemy. This does get you 2/5 cards, which is stronger on the face of it than Alchemy, but I think Alchemy getting anything you want is more relevant most of the time. No one plays Alchemy of course, so I doubt we'll see this in the same deck as moxen anytime soon.

Yeah yeah, I just kinda realized that sometimes we set some "ifs" with cards saying we would play them "if"... but even when they actually happen, we still won't play the card, y'know? This is everything we asked when Uncovered Clues was spoiled, but still not good enough I guess...

@fsecco - for the record, double-post away! I'd rather the discussion take place on the new site than the archive site

If we follow the line of comparing to Forbidden Alchemy, I also agree that Alchemy gets the edge. In addition to being an instant, you don't have to reveal what you choose to keep. With Puzzle, you reveal the top five (because you are choosing a card with a specific characteristic, instead of just any card.)

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I thought Alchemy was the most direct comparison, but if we're just talking about 2U card advantage spells in general, we have to acknowledge that Thirst for Knowledge is probably just better the vast majority of the time.

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