4Seasons Winter 2019 Vintage Coverage and Results

4Seasons Winter 2019 Vintage Coverage and Results

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There's not much coverage of the 4Seasons tournament (in Italy) out there, so we formatted the T8 decklists for publication for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

Highlander with 4 PO and 4 FoW is 90% of the top 8. Welcome to Vintage! Lol

More informations: 4 seasons (which is in Bologna, not Milan) is becoming the most popular series in Europe, being the only one allowing 15 proxies so Vintage actually fires. Those that usually come and the US guests can attest about the quality of the event, but coverage is still mostly geared towards Italians.

Regarding meta and top8, numbers in EU are so small that events are even less relevant than the weekly P9Challenge, with tons of blue petdecks also this time almost all the few Shops specialists were missing. Bernardo's deck is a 2019 rendition of the TPS deck of designed to fight 4 Trinisphere Shops.

@JACO be on the lookout for the upcoming (5th-8th) Nebraska's War the defacto big Eternal event in EU. This year we'll have @Brass-Man commentating it, a big step towards more international coverage. (sadly still no proxies)

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Is Joe Brennan on the biggest tear ever? He's made top 8 in a tournament in almost every major event this year, and on several (2, -3?) continents.
The guys at this event did well, but bonus congrats to him for making 4th.

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This top 8 is very unhealthy.

Should be 8 PO decks.

@thewhitedragon69 said in 4Seasons Winter 2019 Vintage Coverage and Results:

This top 8 is very unhealthy.

Should be 8 PO decks.

Please, that makes me sick!

False Prophet in the Weldrazi sideboard is cool, though I don't expect it to have worked very well.

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@John-Cox yeah, notably it's the first time Joe does well when coming to EU, hopefully trend continues with Nebraska later.

this was a fun event. lost my win and in, losing only to outcome in this event. I think I was the only dredge player in the room.

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