November 18, 2019 Banned and Restricted Announcement

Willingness to errata cards makes Hearthstone a much more enjoyable game to play. They probably though they were doing good pushing the power level of Planeswalkers there and ended up having to ban/restrict a bunch of them. But if they could make slight adjustments to the text and mana cost these cards would be fine.

A “hate” card by definition is only supposed to be good against a subset of decks, and bad against the others. The problem is that Vintage doesn’t contain the full spectrum of decks available to it. Every deck has become some Control + Combo hybrid, or Control + Aggro hybrid. Pure combo decks get destroyed by the restricted list. Pure Aggro is not fast enough. Pure control doesn’t finish decks off fast enough either. These weird hybrid decks cause all sorts of fundamental issues of almost every deck bwing affected by what should be narrow “hate” cards.

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