Vintage 101: The RUG That Tied the RoomTogether

I really liked the read. You mentioned nature's claim, is natural state better right now? I feel like in a deck like RUG 4 life can matter.
Thanks again for churning out great content!

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@john-cox Good question, what's the sum of 4cmc stuff you need to hit? Not Leylines. So, Golos, Lodestone Golem, Hollow One?

bolas's citadel(bargain to a lesser extent) is another mark in favor of nature's claim

Thank you,
for always making productive Vintage content.

On Narset:
Narset unrestricted means we CAN have more cards unrestricted like Necro and Windfall.
Let's not forget we also have The London Mulligan in place that may be keeping Narset, as well as the Xerox engine, from being too unruly.

My two cents anyway.

I want them to print better solutions to recently printed planeswalkers instead of restricting and banning (in other formats) planeswalker after planeswalker each time a new one is released. I would prefer to have the option to use these planeswalkers as core ideas of decks and risk getting punished for doing so, than to not have the option at all.

@ten-ten Dont forget that Narsets effect is assymetric. A unrestricted Windfall against Narset...sure, not that big of a Problem; With Narset however, thats quite the different story.

@ten-ten I'm not sure if you misread Necro or if you're referencing just the decks that would use Necro, but it doesn't Draw.

I am familiar with necro. Narset doesn't stop Necro, but like other engines, could exist in the same meta precisely because Necro is unaffected by Narset.

If Necropotence were to be unrestricted, people would forget Narset even existed and would move on to complain how Dark ritual should be restricted.

Narset slows down players like Lavinia does. It's not a direct threat either. Doesn't tax you, or keep Permanents off the table. Doesn't even shut off everyone's precious moxen. Players are just enamored with their Xerox shells and refuse to divorece a toxic marriage that's warping the rest of the vintage meta. Instead they villainize the remedy.

Narset could get restricted and it won't make a positive change.
I'd rather nothing gets restricted and Necro come off the list finally.
Not until next year though. We have sets coming that could very well bring an aftershock to the format.

@aelien could be a problem but we've had our fair share of Thieves.dec have we not? I doubt this would be any different. Eco of Eons is a testament to this.

It's not just Xerox that is playing Narset. Combo decks like PO and Oath are playing the card as well. The reality is that the card is so good that it becomes impossible to ignore. It removes actual counterplay from any matchup that involves the card, and devolves games into subgames around resolving the card first and having to play around it. These games are not fun, and are often devolved to types of non games that make it either impossible for one of the players to do anything and flounder, or neither play does anything as they try to find an answer for the opposing Narset.

@Yugi-Mutou While I would prefer there to be more efficient answers for Planeswalkers as well, the fact remains that some of these really pushed static ability Planeswalkers were just a solid design mistake. They incur immediate value by merely existing (without even activating an ability) because they're all mostly asymmetrical effects. This is really just absolutely poor design.

I do doubt anything actually happens Monday, but I would not be surprised if the results of EW help them to make the change.

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