TSI: Diaper Party 10-13-2019

Sorry for the delayed report but here it is!

We had 16 players show up and donate a box of diapers to battle some Vintage in celebration of the impending birth of Nat and Elizabeth’s son.



Custom onesie!

Baby Belcher shirt front

Baby Belcher shirt back

It's a boy!

It's a boy!

Guess the melted candy bar!

Guess the melted candy bar

Balloon bellies!


The drinks:


After 5 rounds of Swiss +1, the top 4 were as follows:

  1. David Lance - Survival - 5-0
  2. Steve McGrew - Paradoxical Outcome - 4-1
  3. Nam Tran - Ravager Shops - 3-2
  4. Rajah James - Lands - 3-2

We did not do a Top 4 playoff in the interest of time since this was on a Sunday. Congrats to David Lance for his first TSI win!

The decklists:

Thanks to everyone that came out! It was a blast as always! Congrats to Nat and Elizabeth and Baby Belcher!

Nat and Elizabeth

Metagame breakdown:

Blue: 6

Paradoxical Outcome
(2) Dreadhorde Jeskai
Unpowered BUG

Shops: 3

(2) Ravager Shops
2 Card Muddy

Misc: 7

White Eldrazi
(2) Belcher
Mono Green Stompy

Hey, thanks @craw_advantage! And thanks @nartman99 for putting the writeup together!

The whole event was a lot of fun. I'm of the opinion that more Magic players need to be more friends and family in one anothers' lives. It was great to have everyone come and celebrate the occasion and share in the excitement that Elizabeth and I have. I'll look forward to the next time, whoever we'll be celebrating and whatever event.

We're also going to have a Serious Vintage episode coming out that will include some of this. (We've been behind on recording, but I've had a good excuse.)

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