I saw this add on another site. It says "The one and only", referencing arena. I see that as meaning MODO is on borrowed time and I don't like that. I'm considering cashing out.
Does anyone else have insight into this? Am I over reacting?

alt text

"The one and only" could be referring to many things, or it could be a pointless phrase thrown in to catch attention. It could also mean that "the one and only" card that matters in Arena is the one pictured in the left hand side.

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Mtgo cards will soon be worthless. You might want to consider selling out and just using a rental service

Kinda reads like that text was generated by a rudimentary AI to me. I wouldn't worry about it (not to say MODO's future is certain otherwise though).

@yugi-mutou There's more than one card on the side 🙂

I think it's the one and only Arena. Not the one and only way to play MTG online.

They are still making plenty of money on MTGO and seem to have 0 interest in porting old cards onto Arena so I am confident MTGO will be around for quite a while. Confident enough that I recently added money to the account.

Pioneer will float MTGO, dont you worry.

@p3temangus We don't know whether the popularity of Pioneer will last. They also could add cards for Pioneer to Arena some day. I don't think this would be impossible if Hasbro determines it would be profitable enough to do so.

It's not worth it selling out and using rental, you will literally just lose money. Unless you want to try different decks every week.

It will probably take a lot of time until arena end up having all the cards pool. And I don't think they will shut down mtgo until there. They know there are A LOT of people that play different formats than standard and limited that would rather play anything else than waste time playing standard. I don't think arena needs the player base from mtgo. And honestly I think the 'profit per capita' of mtgo is bigger than arena's.

Is buying $40 digital “Okos” whenever a new set comes out - only to see its value go to practically nothing in a short while - wasting money?

The trend for all mtgo cards is down. That’s just a fact. Mox Emerald is what, $2? It used to be over $100. Pernicious Deed used to be over $100, now it’s a couple cents. There’s no investment here, you’re giving money away no matter what.

Yeah, but the rental service costs about 13% of the rented cards value per month (taking what I saw from cardhoarder). 15% if you consider buying always from one bot is expensive. If you want to play for 7 months you are way better off not selling out to rent.

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If you’re going to play the same DPS deck for 6 months, then it’s more worth it to just own the cards sure.

But if you want to play a different deck every week, experiment with new cards or ideas then

Manatraders is only $35 a month flat for renting up to $350 value of cards (which all Vintage decks tend to be under) and you have access to any new printings. You essentially have a boundless collection for $35 a month and don’t have to worry about the program being deleted.

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I will echo what @desolutionist says. Renting is gas. I would never get to try all sorts of things in this format without my rental sub.

I will also put forth Cardhoarder as well as another rental service. They do have a bit of a wait list (because the service is so popular) but they have stellar service and I feel they're more flexible to work with than Manatraders is (I've heard plenty of bad PR stuff about Manatraders, tbh).

The only caveat is that CH is a weekly fee but in the long run you are paying only for what you think you need and can pause/change as needed (say you need to pause for a week, you can do this) and also paying for a solid customer support experience as well.

I would totally recommend renting too. One thing Arena has done is greatly reduce the number of people drafting new sets on MTGO and that has made the cost of new singles berserk.


In this Article it is announced that the Arena Team and R&D will release a curated List of "the most relevant cards" from non standard sets to MtGA to allow for the client to support Formats "beyond standard". It is hinted that at first this will mean working towards Pioneer, but this might mean that pseudo-versions (with the most relevant cards) of older formats could be added to the game.
To me this sounds very much like we could see something like the proto-Vintage Format that was on mtgo before Vintage masters was added could very well be a reality further down the line.

The core of that platform looks like it was built in the 1990s, and its incompatible with Android/iOS. It absolutely needed to be replaced. I'm disappointed that their solution for replacing it is invalidating all of the cards that people have purchased in the past. Its really bad business, and after I reluctantly sell out of MTGO at some point in these next couple months, it might be a while before I commit to any WotC / Hasbro products again. With the amount of money that we all have invested into their game, they should have already set up a rebate system at this point to transfer players and they should be giving us a clearer timeline in terms of when certain formats will be available. This, like many other things with this game, seems mismanaged from the executive level.

In case everyone missed it, there are some real vintage cards - Black Lotus, Moxen, Ancestral Recall, Sol Ring - in the current free Arena event (an "Ashiok versus Elspeth" pre-constructed deck event to promote Theros: Beyond Death). It was quite startling to open a starting hand with Ancestral, Black Lotus, and Underground Sea in the Arena client.

I would not be surprised if they bring a Vintage Cube to Arena at some point in the next year or so, though obviously the reliance on bots would be a weakness.

Adding to that: those cards are not only functional but also animated, there was obviously put some work time into them and I doubt it would be all for just this short event. I could really see a pseudo Vintage format coming, and that would be great

If I'm not mistaken, don't those vintage cards disappear after said Ashiok vs Elspeth event has concluded?

Yes, that is absolutely correct - these cards are not part of anyone's collection, they are only accessible in the preconstructed deck event, and they will not be accessible to anyone after that event ends.

However, as @Aelien pointed out, these cards are not only functional (granted, none of them are super complex) but several of them are also animated, including at least Mox Pearl, Mox Sapphire, Sol Ring, and Black Lotus (not sure about Ancestral Recall). Given that the preconstructed deck event is a short-term promotional event, it seems odd that they would devote animation efforts to these cards unless they have at least an inkling that they may bring them back for a more sustained outing at some point.

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