303 players showed up in Pittsburgh to play in the latest iteration of Vintage's most prestigious event of the year. Congratulations to Joe Brennan for being our deserving champion and taking home an amazing painting!

Top 8:

  1. Joe Brennan - A BUG's Life
  2. Boston Schatteman - Jeskai Arcanist
  3. Justin Franks - 4C PO
  4. Bryan Hockey - RUG PO
  5. Jeremy Pinter - RUG Sanctuary Walkers
  6. Jody Keith - Golos Stax
  7. Brian Coval - RUG PO
  8. Ryan Eberhart - RUG Sanctuary Walkers

This has been a year of cataclysmic shifts, with a slew of new printings, restrictions, and unrestrictions. Along with this came a shift in classification to attempt to better capture the current metagame. Lands contains Dark Depths (Dark Times) and both Fastbond archetypes (Crab Shack and Ziasbond). Big Blue and Blue Control have been combined into Other Blue due to their continued decline.

The pace that Magic Online innovation permeated Champs this year really amazed me. Matt Murray's Mystic Sanctuary RUG Walkers deck, which did not exist a week before Champs, made 25% of the top 8. The Oko Oath deck which won the Format Playoff a week prior was almost universally adopted by the 13% of the metagame represented by Oath.

My biggest takeaway is the omnipresense of Narset. Of the 165 non-dredge FOW decks, fully 150 ran Narset. Everyone who has played a blue mirror lately knows how frequently Narset is encountered, but that is truly staggering.

The second is that, for the first time since we've recorded this data, shops had a sub 50% winrate at an Eternal Weekend. Its two most notable predators, Oath and PO, were heavily present in the metagame. Equipped with Force of Vigor, Dredge was also able to do significantly better against Shops than in previous years.

Thanks to @Jaco for finishing scanning decklists so quickly, @Log for his considerable help slogging through decklists, and Matt Murray for help in classifcation!

If you have any objections to how we classified your deck, or spot an error, send me a PM.

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