Eternal Trios • 12+ Duals in Prizes! • NJ

Check out the Facebook event here!

We've talked about it for years, and we're finally ready to bring you this incredible Eternal Trios bonanza!

This event is brought to you by Black Magic Gaming and The Bearded Dragon Games!

Legacy • Typical Legacy deck construction
Vintage • 15 Proxy Cards permitted! (more information below!)
Old School • Eternal Central rules (more information below!)

Start Time: 12:00 PM (Registration opens at 10:30 AM)

Entry Fee: $50 per player $45/per preregistered player RSVP YOUR TEAM BELOW!

Prize Support (Guaranteed at 12 Teams):
1st Place Team - 3x Underground Sea
2nd Place Team - 2x Volcanic Island, 1x Tropical Island
3rd Place Team - 2x Bayou, 1x Tundra
4th Place Team - 1x Taiga, 1x Scrubland, 1x Savannah
Tournament Structure: Swiss Rounds & Cut based upon attendance

Vendors -
Black Magic Gaming

For those who can't or won't use facebook the event seems to be on November 10th

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