Couple quick questions about MTGO

I'm back on MTGO after maybe 8 years or so?

Well i've almost completely forgot how to use anything and it all looks different. I barely managed to buy cards off MTGOTraders and put them into a deck, haha.

So my questions about how to use...

The Vintage League says it fires Jan 14th, that doesn't make sense? Are the Leagues just firing when full?

Where do i find the schedule for the weekly and other events?

Whats the difference between Challenge, League, and Playoff?

What else might i need to know about jamming some online events before Eternal Weekend?

Any known glitches that may come up? (Trinisphere used to not work correctly with Phyrexian Mana i believe) Or annoying features like clicking through Flusterstorm...

Thank you all.

Leagues replaced Daily Events. You just enter and play them whenever you like for 5 matches (Total, not all at once if you don’t want). I don’t know of any glitches.

Leagues are where you just play five matches on your own schedule and get prizes based on your record. You can ignore the start/end dates... that's basically just when the leaderboard resets I believe. It's always running.

Challenges and playoffs are actual tournaments, one of which happens every Saturday. Challenges are open, playoffs you qualify for through challenges and leagues. Playoffs then qualify you for an annual championship tournament, iirc.

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One cool thing about leagues is the prize structure, you about break even at 3-2 (3 wins). At a 5-0 score you get some bragging rights. It's not common for most players to 5-0 a league. I could go on 5 win streaks in 1 vs 1 competitive matches, it's harder in a league for some reason.

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