This is a novel new set of abilities. The torpor orb effect is old but the preventing death triggers is new and flying and lifeline is not awful.

It stops Thought-Knot Seer, Snapcaster Mage, Modular on Arcbound ravager, Most of hangarback walker. It hits a very relevant portion of the field.

The art is just super creepy to me.

@wagner The art could be lifted straight out of Mirage block. I really like it.

Art looks good compared to a lot of the modern cards. I like the abilities, but the card would've been really interesting with flash.

Flash would not stop an ability that has already triggered though.

It would allow you to cast the card before a Snapcaster enters the battlefield, for example.

I assume many people are going to pair this with Vial for just this reason.

Should have saved this art for a reprint of Mouth // Feed.

The art looks like the cover of every YA world build novel, or at least some trash romance nonsense.

Which is to say I like it because it is different.

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