not sure why this is mythic but seems pushed.

It is Mythic because it is ridiculously pushed.

I'm not sure, I feel that anything this wants to do Venser, Shaper Savant does better. Maybe the delayed mana investment is worth the net of +1 mana.

I believe this card is another nice addition to Survival. It can handle tinker bots or any problematic non-land permanent for a decent mana cost and beats for 3 in the air later. I really liked it.

So you can Merchant Scroll for this?

@desolutionist said in [ELD] Brazen Borrower:

So you can Merchant Scroll for this?


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Is this that pushed? The modes are nice, but neither is that aggressively costed.

@vaughnbros said in [ELD] Brazen Borrower:

Is this that pushed? The modes are nice, but neither is that aggressively costed.

Judge it from the standpoint of standard, modern, and legacy. Modern and Legacy are sorta defined by overpowered cards and synergies, where as vintage is basically defined by mistakes in design. 99% of the creatures we see printed are not even worth consideration in vintage, and this is better than those by a large margin. It does not mean it crosses the threshold for vintage, but it does not mean that it is not knowingly and overtly pushed to sell packs.

The standard baseline for blue 3cmc flyers in for recent years have been Cloud Elemental and Wind Drake.


Eh. This is not that much better than Cloud Elemental though.

Cards that dominate standard and modern are usually powerful win cons, or involved in some combo deck. So unless there is a combo I am missing here.

I find that to be an intellectually dishonest assessment, you know damn well in literally every format of magic if the player were faced with pick this or cloud elemental they would pick this, hands down.

As for its viability in vintage, the main deckable instant speed, searchable by survival bounce spell that is not totally card disadvantage is a big enough deal that I'm sure this will see some play.

In standard, there is a deck that is basically just instant speed everything running wilderness reclamation that would happily run 4 of these in a heart beat, and in Modern I suspect a Faeries deck may rise out of this set where this would be very well positioned..

Putting Cloud Elemental or Dispersion on the same card is not a power creep. If you want to play the card for it’s effects that is fine, but this is well in line with the power level of cards since near the start of magic.

Nexus of fate was the wincon for that list, but not the engine. Being able to double your effective mana and play your turn and your opponents turn really was. That deck can easily still exist between Frilled Mystic, Nightpack ambusher, and this.

That being said, I stand by this card representing what a modern day intentionally pushed card looks like.

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