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I didn't see a thread for this card, and I wasn't quite sure why. This seems like a good contender for targeted discard after Thoughtseize, along side Inquisition, Duress and Therapy. Like Therapy, you get to see the opponent's hand for B and typically have to sacrifice additional resources to actually hit the cards you need with it. Unlike Therapy, you can't be in a situation where you are unable to remove the other side's card.

In a world with Unmask, perhaps B is too much to spend for this effect. Yet, unlike Unmask, if you whiff with this card you dont actually have to commit any more resources. What are your thoughts? Is Vintage still too concerned about interaction on the stack to care much about more targeted discard?

This thing is just awful. Cabal and Unmask have a "free" mechanic. Most often with this, you are 2 for 1-ing yourself and spending Mana to boot.

Cabal Therapy also costs mana, except when it got into your yard from some other purpose; only Unmask is totally free.

To be noted that it doesn't have any downsides if your hand is empty, but you'd need a very specific build to make that work consistently, and it would rarely be a turn 1 discard. Between Duress, Thoughseize and Inquisition, I really don't see why this would make the cut.

@mike-noble said in [ELD] Specter's Shriek:

I love that the wording allows you to “nah, keep them” if there’s nothing worth 2-for-1ing yourself over.

They had to edit the rules text down to make room for the flavor text, but the original wording included a sentence that said "If you do not choose a card, remove all copies of Specter's Shriek from your deck after the game ends."

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