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The whole rare land cycle in this set seems very strong but this one sticks out to me for elves strategies. It's not Cradle but it is also not legendary and can act as a 5th cradle since it can also tap for mana.

I'm not sure elves ever breaks out in vintage again but I could see this being a player in that deck, beside also being a 100 dollar bill for the alt art foils for EDH players.

Also, it occurs to me that the downside on this card is actually upside in amulet bond decks that want to cast Prim titan, so it does have a niche on it's own as it can get you to titan mana with only 5 mana sources without needing any other creatures in play.

@mike-noble yeah, if you don't want cradle you don't want this, since it sucks as a first land. it's possible people who want cradle want this in addition but I think this is mostly an EDH/standard card.

Like I said, I could imagine amulet of vigor / Fastbond strategies wanting this solely because 6 mana is where you need to be to cast Titan, if that is the way that deck goes. That list would obviously never run cradle because it just does not have creatures in play.

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