I've always liked this effect. Is it vintage playable in this form at 1cc?
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Steal Marit Lage for 1 mana = lolz

Well, it's easier to resolve with Misstep restricted, and we kind of have a fair amount of decks focusing on dudes.

But what will you do with it if not specifically Marit Lage?

Mentor and trigger it a couple times? Very narrow.

Punch someone with their own Leovold?

Buyback your spell with their Arcanist?

The cmc is great but i don't think any really impactful plays are happening with the 3 cmc dues right now?

I was thinking it would be more of a value play against MUD and BUG type decks.

Steal a Lavinia, attack a Narset? Then sac it to Therapy? Insane!

This card seems good for burn strategies in general. Against a deck with creatures if you have like eidolon and your opponent has a goyf or Leovold or whatever you can enable a lot of damage with it, for 1 mana. Not sure about how consistently good it would be for other strategies though. Stealing to sack effects is probably where it would be in other strategies.

"But I don't understand his Hogaak only cost 2, why can't I steal it?" - most common question of standard in 2019

I mean, the point of this card in any other format is going to be similar to something like Searing blaze, in that you are clearing out a blocker as well as doing some damage in one card. Burn as a deck really does not exist in vintage but if we think about how it operates in other formats we can come up with some heuristics to judge it by.

I think in burn you would only use this after you have maxed out on bolts, blazes, and maybe even chain lightnings. Games where you steal a Marit token are likely few and far between in any format. The list of creatures you can steal with this are pretty minimal, and many decks have some level of built in protections (ravager in shops to eat targets for instance).

Costing 1 goes a great length to make this seem playable, as does restricting MM, but this effect has simply just never been that important in the format to suddenly push this over the top, especially when you consider that the card is dead in some matchups not in a color that has to much relevant pitch cards for the format.

You will never steal any Marit Lage with that because any serious Land/depths deck player will activate its combo at the last possible time, namely 'end of your turn'.

Or in response to a wasteland on one of the pieces (a.k.a. bait). Or in response to bolt on the hexmage. Or in their own turn if they fear the opponent hitting a wasteland more than bounce/sacrifice. But in any of those situations, they aren't really relevant to determine if this is a playable card.

If welder takes off now that derpsteps gone, I could see some neat steal your welder, I win scenerios happen, but outside of that I don't think this is viable. @Mike-Noble shows how much I follow new cards and what format they are allowed in 🙂

@mike-noble said in Claim the Firstborn:

@serracollector said in Claim the Firstborn:

@Mike-Noble shows how much I follow new cards and what format they are allowed in 🙂

Hearing that the guy named “Serra collector” is unaware of how the set with LITERAL SERRA printed in it works is peak disappointment.

Gurl, this is a hot level of sass.

You could also ignore your opponent's creatures and just use this to target your own Welder to activate it a turn early or get two activations in one turn.

It's closer to a crimson wisps but trading the cantrip for occasionally stealing a creature.

Is this even going to be played outside of Limited?



First time this effect has been printed at 1 mana cost, and we all know how good 1 mana cards are. You can see at its ceiling it has greater impact than Bolt/Path to Exile and sometimes it has double or triple the impact when you're talking about interaction in a Planeswalker based format. If your opponent has 2 walkers and both players have a creature, this for 1 mana destroys two walkers. If you use it conjunction with sacrifice effects such as Cabal Therapy it just gets so much better. It could be up to a 1 for 5. (their creature, a card from their hand, two planeswalkers, and a Young Pyro elemental token)

There aren't too many 1 mana cards even capable of producing the same output. It is "Change of Heart". It is a ban worthy effect in most TCGs.

The fact it doesnt steal creatures greater than three is a limitation and that probably makes it more limited unplayable than the hyper efficient constructed formats that are choke full of amazing 2 and 3 cmc creatures.

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Alright. I'm still gonna be VERY surprised if this see play in any constructed format.

I really miss the days when this effect was blue and instant-speed.

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