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This seems very playable in a format full of fetchlands. Maybe stronger in legacy where fast Mana isn't as prevalent.

This looks like a modern MVP. creature removal/counterspell for 2 mana? hell yeah.

Goes right into my tiny leader deck i totally have played a lot of matches with on the regular....

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Flexibility is sweet. Still wish it cantripped or something. Is there a spot for this in current BUG lists? Or is ATrophy just better?

This actually might be good enough for Grixis Thieves or even a side board slot in an Esper PO to kill Lavinia and Collector Ouphe

I'm not high on this card at all. "Sometimes" counter a spell? "Sometimes" kill a dork? And the opponent can control when the condition is satisfied?

In the early game, when cheap, targeted removal or countermagic is at its most powerful, this card is most likely to miss. And, if your opponent knows you have this, they can plan around it. As the game goes long, this is a decent enough spell, but then it starts to have competition.

Ultimately, this feels like another card kind of like Dimir Charm or similar effects. On the edge, not there.

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