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Dropping this guy turn 1 against Aggro Shops (leaving you with exactly 4 cards in hand) seems OKish, right? You can hold them back while you mill them in order to attack.

In the blue mirrors it seems bad because it's Dackable and DTT/Cruise can just null him (also keeping 4 cards in hand in blue mirrors seems very difficult).

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It's a bad topdeck, which is probably enough to sink it

It’s a bad topdeck... unless it brings back some Vengevines! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Would anybody play:

Djinn of Beatdown
Artifact Creature - Djinn Noble Advisor Mutant


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Being an artifact makes it kinda sketchy. This was supposed to kill walkers, not get stolen by them. Other than that, a 5/4 flying for UU would be awesome. Goyf is already good with no evasion.

All this supposing it was djinn of beatdown. The original one doesn't feel right.

If i had a flying Goyf, i would want to attack with it every tunr not really use it for defense. Condition is pretty easy to get against dredge of course but i would probably want to side in other cards than it.
I like the card but not sure if it can fit somewhere in the present meta. Some people tried a blue shop deck some years ago, maybe it could fit in it.

Turn one this into turn 2 Glimpse. Ez pz. This things is busted. Archive Traps ftw.

@serracollector With this and Jace's Phantasm, we can make agro-mill!

This is bad in vintage. You could play it in modern with that top deck tutor they just printed, I wonder if there is some design space they (WOTC) are trying to push?

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