well, this seems obviously high power, especially with misstep gone.

@mike-noble how dare you make me login to TMD 😛

Came here to post this. #BringMisstepBack

Everything that facilitates the things I don't like, and inhibits the things I do, is unfun, broken and format-warping.

Conversely, everything which facilitates the things I do like, and inhibits the things I don't, is fair, fun, interesting, and helps maintain Vintage MtG as a vibrant and strategically deep format.

@fsecco said in [ELD] Deafening Silence:

Came here to post this. #BringMisstepBack

You should only be allowed to play four Misstep if you also have four Dark Ritual.

Yay for another card that will lead to countless judge calls. I guess at least its symmetrical? I don't know, just chalk it up to another in the long list of cards that say "lets play less magic for a more protracted period of time".

We all know there's someone in R&D who plays Death & Taxes and designs these heinous cards, but this card takes it too far.

I think when WOTC unrestricted Fastbond because "it played substantially differently than other decks" it was thinking about the fact that it could still do stuff with this in the format.

One mana for this? Seriously? Wow

If it means anything, force of vigor on this card on the turn it comes in is uncounterable. Unless your opponent is playing also counterbalance. Which means... it's uncounterable.

Elves can get around this.

War Priest of Thrune, Reclamation Sage, Lavinia and then a removal spell. This card is very fair and answerable. Not even that good outside of hatebears since casting noncreatures opens you to removal. Seriously, a SB card for certain decks but TMD loses their mind over hate cards. I still remember the complaining about Cindervines being asymmetrical. It should have been attached to a planeswalker that drew 3 cards and shut off artifacts while also being blue...

There are 2 things I find peculiar about this one. It's a 1 mana enchantment that shuts down combo until answered. It makes your opponent's counterspells useless against it to protect their hate destruction spells.

I mean, if your opponent has nature's claim or vapor snag and 2 pyroblasts, they can't destroy it if you have like spell Pierce and fow. It's a hate card that protects itself for 1 mana.

Besides of course force of vigor which is uncounterable in this scenario (more than abrupt decay has been since veil), but how many combo decks that get rekt by it play FoV?

But really, good hate cards are usually 2 mana or more. Effects similar to this one were available at 3+ mana, unless I'm forgetting something.

@gutocmtt said in [ELD] Deafening Silence:

But really, good hate cards are usually 2 mana or more.

Grafdigger's cage
Red elemental Blast
Blue elemental Blast
Tormod's Crypt
Relic of Progenitus
Veil of summer

Sorry, I meant good permanent hate cards. Tormod crypt is ok and grafdigger's cage is awesome. It's like a grafdigger's cage for decks that cast lots of non-creature spells. And that's a pretty huge deal IMO, because storm and other decks had the advantage of constantly being faster than hate, being able to go off before they landed or having to respond to less cards because their opponents weren't able to deploy them fast enough.

White Eldrazi is gonna enjoy this card.

I am really interested to pair this card with a flipped Erayo, Soratami Ascendant.

Enchantress with all the enchantment creatures finally gets a place in Vintage? My Boon Satyrs/Coursers are gonna wreck face.

4 of these and 4 Fastbond are all the noncreature spells I need 😉

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