Land Grant is free all the time.

Doesn’t really stop your opponent from blowing you out with Belcher or Tinker. But I suppose it could dig for a turn one Ouphe, but is it better than just playing Null Rod?

The more I think about it, the more I like it. With 4 of these in your deck you’re almost guaranteed a turn one Ouphe. They really suck for any other purpose though.

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Replace "... this game," for "... this turn," and I'll consider it.

@desolutionist Land Grant only gets Forests.

This gets any land or creature. At instant speed.


I like it actually. EoT get Ouphe. Win. It could also just wiff though. At least Land Grant is getting a forest all the time.

@volrathxp said in [ELD] Once Upon a Time:

@desolutionist Land Grant only gets Forests.

This gets any land or creature. At instant speed.

Only IF they are in the top 5 cards of your deck.

Dredge. Let's you fish out an additional Bazaar for free or dig closer to your solo copy of grave troll, and if its not the first thing you cast you pick it to FOV later on. Seems great there.

I don't think you ever keep a hand with no bazaar and this though, the chances are pretty bad that you hit. Like if you keep a 7 with no bazaar you hit < 35% of the time.

@mike-noble Wraith is good to dodge Surgicals, but yeah this seems better.

I think this is a given, you still mull till you get bazaar, I just think the times where you hit this and it fixes your starting hand a little more while upping your green count will be better than some of the slight utility some of the other options provide.

Well, I for one think this replaces Grave-Troll 2 to 4 nicely.

This card will prove to be bananas in multiple formats, possibly even ban worthy in Modern. Not having a color restriction on the creature is huge imo.

I’ll try it in Survival for sure. Very interesting piece.

I think this card opens up Humans or it can help a Belcher deck. The ability to get Spirit Guides or a Tinder Walk will help Belcher. The humans deck can find Cavern and or a creature to attack the opposing deck.

It also works in HateBears or if Eldrazi went green this card could really help it.

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@fsecco Understood. But this card on turn one, I keep a hand with Thalia and I use this to look at the top five and get a Cavern of Souls. That is value add. Even later in the game if I draw this and I get to pick the creature or land in a creature based tempo deck that is good.

Now the bigger issue is that Human is like tier 6 but this card helps it.

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@moorebrother1 You picking up Cavern in that scenario is wishful thinking and not at all consistent. That's my point. You're juset dilluting the deck for a card that is actually harder to cast under Thalia. I think this has a home in Dredge as Troll 2-5 or Survival. In humans I highly doubt it and would rather play red or white Recruiters.
In Belcher too, I'd never dilute the deck to a point where I play 4 of these + 4 Spirit Guides and 4 Tinder Wall in order for this to work.

in a dredge with 3- 4 street w.
could be favored to serum p. ?

This card is insane in HollowBeats. I'm testing Edge of Autumn and it's not awful. This is insane. The fact that you can Bazaar as not a spell as Garfield intended then find this, then go 5 deeper to find more mummies made of rock is bonkers.

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