@ajfirecracker I thought your post was related to similar posts in the other thread because of similar numbers and content. My point is limited to that then. Sorry.

Unfortunately, there isn't a good site for the Vintage metagame. The MTGTop8 database is similar to Goldfish in that they include the curated MTGO League lists. These are selected to present a more diverse metagame by excluding other decks within 10 cards or something like that. MTGOTop8 is actually a bit weird in that it only includes the first 8 lists posted in on the MTGO page. Yeah, pretty funny that 8 of the 46 Legacy League decks are posted (grumble, my Kaya Reclamation deck...). This past week had 13 lists but it was slightly larger due to the mix of formats.

TLDR: Brian should not have used the MTGOTop8 data. It will tend to depress the most popular decks and elevate the least popular decks because of the inclusion of skewed MTGO League data. It also omits part of this data.