Adding Ancient Tomb + Sphere as a whole package warps the deck to much different than I have mine set up. It’s possible that is better, but seems like it would cut into the decks’ consistency quite a bit and push it to be pretty different from the legacy lists.

Removal is important for the lands deck to play... I just don’t think it’s that much of a worry of opponents playing it against you. True “Blow out by Force of Vigor” is going to be few and far between.

@vaughnbros understood. I misunderstood your first removal comment. The biggest blowouts are usually the all in on lage getting hit by swords then your blue opponent buries you with Card advantage.

In the weeks to come it may also be pertinent to be weary of surgical which can be a blowout and may see an uptick in play with misstep gone and fastbond around.

I once had a Marit lage get fire/iced (as in tap your Marit lage), opponent got an oath trigger off my tapped lage, gets inferno Titan, top decks his only Jace bounce Marit lage. That was a blowout right there. Lol. Clearly not normal but sometimes the strangest cards get you.


Reclaimer and Ouphe is a pretty solid beat down plan. I’ve been trying Hollow Ones in addition (since the deck already wants to run Bazaars). That should make it immune to random Surgical.

Deciding if Punishing Grove is viable, which is one of the areas the legacy builds can grind out insane CA along with Loams/Wrenn. I think a lot of blue decks struggle to out CA that. Long games can definitely get weird though, which will make some of the singleton land choices important.

Yeah crop rotation and fastbond works now that misstep is restricted

And Loam might see play now that karn tormods is restr, and less graveyard hate with golgari dredge decimated.

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@vaughnbros I tried hollow one in the board for a while but it never impressed me in the deck. He can add more early beatdown value though.

I like Bob out of the board as well in certain metas. He provides incredible CA without having to use the yard or if the opponent goes crazy on grave hate. He’s not the world’s best beater but he adds a lot of value especially next to Ouphe/reclaimer

Punishing fire/grove has always been very medium for me in vintage. It can pick off walkers sometimes and certain creatures but it’s dead in some matchups and very slow. Maybe alongside Wrenn it has more value but I’ve never been a fan and don’t think it’s good enough in a deck that already has so few slots to play with. I’ve tried punishing fire in the board however and it felt better there but it was still awkward.

I’ve been going much more into black. I think it offers a lot more options in vintage for this deck then red.

Brewed a “Gruul Lands” deck:


4 Fastbond
4 Exploration

4 Wrenn and Six

1 Wheel of Fortune
4 Life from the Loam
4 Gamble
4 Crop Rotation

4 Force of Vigor
1 Mental Misstep

Chalice of the Void
1 Sphere of Resistance

Mox Ruby
Mox Emerald
Black Lotus
1 Mox Diamond

4 Bazaar of Baghdad
1 The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale
2 Dark Depths
3 Thespian's Stage
2 Riftstone Portal
1 Strip Mine
4 Wasteland
1 Bojuka Bog
2 Taiga
2 Wooded Foothills
1 Mountain
1 Forest


4 Leyline of the Void
4 Pyroblast
1 Glacial Chasm
1 Karakas

I playtested it with a friend today, and it won matches against Survival and Aggro Shops (so extrapolating mathematically, this deck can't lose).

^ re: The 4x Wrenn & Stimpy, and 4x maindeck Force of Vigor, I wanted to maximize their gameplay during our limited playtesting. but Force of Vigor still seems great; they replaced Ancient Grduges, and the Disenchant effect gets most graveyard hate. btw there are 20 non-FoV green cards in the deck.

Wheel seems good when dumping your hand (via T1 Fastbond, or via T1 Exploration plus Bazaar-ing), and works with the “Tombstone Icon” cards (Life from the Loam and Riftstone Portal, and maybe Ancient Grudge).

re: 3 Thespian's Stage & 2 Dark Depths, idk how many is best. maybe it's 1/1, maybe 4/3.

the maindeck toolboxes (for 8-12 land tutors) is a The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale (creature hate) and a Bojuka Bog (graveyard hate). but Bojuka Bog both enters tapped and is off-color, which really sucks.

no clue about the Sideboard. even with golgari grave troll restricted, I assume Dredge is still Tier-One, abd any graveyard deck will suffer during the sideboard games. so, I don't know if the countermeasure is a transformational sideboard, or more disenchant interaction, or what.


Is there a PURE combo control version of this deck that isn't lands.dec trying to go for a depths kill. I was looking over possible combo pieces and there is a lot of redundancy to go infinite

Zuran orb or Troubled Healer
Crucible of Worlds or Ramunap Excavator

With that shell you can probably run most of the broken draw spells, 4x force of will, 4x negation, 1 MM, 4 force of Vigor and just go to town. Still thinking out loud but I think you can also just build the list with oophes, courser and have a beatdown secondary.


Restricted cards + Horn of Greed + Combo + Bunch of lands is an easy start. You might need FoV just to kill your own Horns.

I think the beatdown takes too much away from that approach as they clog up your deck with non-lands interfering with the Horn + Fastbond combo.

Could go toward the old Turboland style with Nexus of Fate?

The horn of greed combo can also utilize lab maniac and just draw out ftw.

Probably a lot of 3cmc, but Courser seems pretty dope in this Horn/Lab Man/Nexus of Fate plan

I used to prefer Cephalid Colliseum and 2x Factory as my kills. I’m not sure it’s viable on MODO’s anti-fun interface.

Well, you can always try something funky with 4 Workshop for the turn 1 Horn/Crucible alongside your 1 of Mystic Forge. Courser might be slightly harder to cast depending on how many green sources/esg you might run, but Zuran Orbs are free off Forge, if you went that route. Aether Flux is an option at that point as well as Channel. Lots of options.

This is roughly where I am currently at on a pure combo version.


I'm not sure it feels really all that much faster, but you also aren't relying on swinging with a 20/20 flier to win half your games.

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I would use a gitaxian probe in a combo list and maybe a mystical?

There’s not a deck in Vintage that works well as a glass cannon. I would want to try playing enough green cards for Force of Vigor.

Dark Heart of Wood and Overgrown Estate are both Zuran Orb effects that can be pitched to Force of Vigor. Going this route also allows use of Collector Ouphe, a staple in the new metagame.

There’s also Gitrog Monster.

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@desolutionist said in Fastbond Brainstorming:

There’s not a deck in Vintage that works well as a glass cannon. I would want to try playing enough green cards for Force of Vigor.

Dark Heart of Wood and Overgrown Estate are both Zuran Orb effects that can be pitched to Force of Vigor. Going this route also allows use of Collector Ouphe, a staple in the new metagame.

There’s also Gitrog Monster.

I've been looking at dark heart of the woods myself. I like the idea of running away from using artifacts with activated abilities personally because I think null rod is going to be a real thing, and that way perhaps there is a build were we can run combo and still use oophe and karn. It's also why I was considering something as awkward as Troubled Healer, since it allows you to combo and can actually protect your creatures from bolt. If the deck is BUG then you can run duress to clear the path and have a compliment of counters and vigor to not be pure combo.

Dr. Rich Shay has just streamed with a Hedron Crab version (to mill the opponent). It seemed quite good. I recommend checking out the replay.

@desolutionist all this time Misstep was protecting us from Hedron Crab and we didn't even know it

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