I really like this approach and the deck looked sweet in stream-action. But it suffers from the same problem all fair blue decks but BUG do in the moment: Your first games against Shops and Dredge are nearly unwinnable and the hate out of the board is not enough and not good enough. I so hope for some regulating moves on Monday to free great innovation like that.

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Have been playing this a lot lately, and just wanted to share my thoughts.

Chandra is definitely fine as a 2-of. The card I feel like I want more of often is Veil of Summer, but I'd also like to find room for an Ancient Grudge in the main. I put one in the SB too. I might shift things around and move a Flusterstorm from the main (I subbed 2x Fluster, 1x Spell Pierce for the Missteps) and put a Grudge main and that might be great.

Still, I love this deck quite a bit. I have had some really insane games with it, and it snowballs really quickly.

I'm still having fun with the deck list. It might not be the most competitive thing in the world but...

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@chubbyrain how are you felling overall with Misdirection over Force of Negation?

@fsecco it seems to be in addition to some number of FoN, judging by his graveyard

@fsecco Was running one of each. So far, I've hated the Misdirection. But it's limited sample size of 10 matches without actually Misdirecting a single spell. The was one instance where I would have blown out my opponent by Misdirecting an Abrupt Decay targeting a Dreadhorde Arcanist onto a Deathrite Shaman (I knew they had it because of a Probe), but they didn't hit their land drop...


I went to 2 MisDs myself, and I generally always have it when they have Ancestral, but I remembered an old tactic last night: Before Mental Misstep, the better play was to actually allow Ancestral to resolve even if you had a FoW. (Since Force and blue card is usually more valuable than 3 random cards on top of your opponent's deck). Just something to think about. Not sure if the format will play out the same way.

@chubbyrain Cool. I've been thinking FoN sounds way better not only because it has more targets, but because it exiles the countered spell, and is also way more hardcastable. If Abrupt becomes prominent though, packing Misdirection seems good.

I posted a 5-0 on this deck today, with the following list / setup: https://www.mtggoldfish.com/deck/2201688#online

I also wrote a short guide for it on my Patreon (must be subbed to view): https://www.patreon.com/posts/mtg-vintage-30114839

Long story short, I am in love with this deck. lol.

This deck is fun to play. Just wanted to add that. Thanks for brewing it!

@megantic said in ChubbyBrews: RUG Elementals:

This deck is fun to play. Just wanted to add that. Thanks for brewing it!

Comments like this are one of the reasons I enjoy brewing so much. You are very welcome. Kudos to Volrath for his continued piloting and promotion of the deck and congrats on a well deserved trophy. 🏆 🐠

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