Full disclosure this is a weird card that not everybody will appreciate.

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If you can reliably kill your opponents token it can ramp up and put on some pressure.
If you can't kill the token, you can still block it and be ahead. In a worst case scenario the combat math still improves for you. I think I would rather play this than Garruk, Relentless .

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Maybe a decade or two too late, but combos great with The Abyss or Drop of Honey!

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Comboes well with Plague Engineer. Assuming no blockers, this is a three-turn clock.

Also provides a draw/discard engine with skullclamp/cabal therapy. Seems quite interesting with bitterblossom, but might be more of a legacy/modern card for now.

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I'm a bit confused by the Garruk comment. These cards don't seem to have much in common , nor do I remember Garruk being played in Vintage at all.


Garruk is new Brian Kelly spice and that's where I think this fits in. I think it serves the same role to change tempo.

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