So, I mostly play DPS, and historically I have not dedicated much/any sideboard space to dredge, instead trying to just win faster.

New pitch dredge lists scare me, and I think I want to run Tormod’s crypt in an event tomorrow, but I don’t really have experience making decisions about when to bust crypt against dredge.

Does anyone have any good heuristics or tips about choosing when to nail dredge opponents graveyards?


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A large concern for me when playing DPS is cabal therapy getting out of hand and wrecking your hand, so my main considerations are popping it before they get a creature (narco or ichorid trigger on the stack) or before they move to their main phase and can cast a sorcery.

You can also try to hit dredgers if you want to be more aggressive in slowing them down.

I like crypt since it helps storm and is easy to cast, but with FoV around now, crypt is easier for dredge to time. You might want to hold moxen until you go off if you have a crypt target in play so they don't hit 2 artifacts.

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Usually it's in response to any recurred threat that will be devastating - like an ichorid + 2 bloodghast turn - when they activate any of those abilities. Another good time, if no unmanageable threat is imminent, is when they have a few dredgers in the yard, but an empty hand...meaning they have to top deck a dredger with their draw or bazaar (and not be dredging that turn). That can buy you the turn or two you need to win.

Note that you'll never have priority to exile hogaak, if the dredge pilot is competent and has the 2 black creatures in play to cast him. You need leyline or Rip to stop hogaak as instant speed is too slow.

@mike-noble notably for your second scenario, you only should pop in that situation if they are doing this on main phase and could immediately therapy/DR on resolution of bazaar; otherwise letting them dredge more cards for you to crypt before they can use them usually is good.

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Thanks everyone for all these wonderful replies and ideas. In particular I didn’t perceive the importance of therapy, but it now comes together in my mind.

Rav trap is probably better than Crypt. Not sure if you already have 4 though. It dodges Force of Vigor and Force of Negation.

@vaughnbros Ravenous Trap doesn't interact well with DPS's Defense Grids. That's a major reason why DPS pilots prefer Crypts over Traps.

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