Pardon in advance if this is not the place to post a thread like this!

So I have been pretty solidly out of the loop over the course of this year. I've I tried to keep an ear to the ground and have checked out spoilers but have been less able to play and monitor results and so am returning to this, our Brave New Meta.

That said, I was wondering if people might be willing to share what they believe the absolute Must-Have-Buy-Now-You-Fool cards are from this year's many high impact releases?

Any help I could get to reduce this bizarre Rip Van Winkle effect would be much appreciated!

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There was a period of time when @Smmenen was maintaining and updating a list of Vintage playables. I wonder if he's still doing that?

I will at end of the year.

To answer the OP question, in terms of printings from 2019, if you want to pick up all the playables, I would say:

Collector's Ouphe
Blast Zone
Force of Vigor
Force of Negation
Mystic Forge
Dreadbore Arcanist
Manifold Key
Teferi (marginal)
Wrenn and Six (if you want to play mid-range BUGr, Mid-Range RUG, or Lands)
Bolas' Citadel
Ashiok Dream Render (marginal)

There are maybe a few other cards you might consider, like Cindervines or maybe a few other planeswalkers, but that will get you most of what you might want.

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@Smmenen @MaximumCDawg Many thanks! This is exactly what I (and I would hazard, others) needed. It's just so unusual to step out of vintage for a few months and find things so deeply changed. This makes life much easier during these Interesting Times.

I think there are some more cards that likely should be on this list, if only because are well positioned to blow up.

Goblin Engineer
Some of the Canopy lands, probably not the white ones but I don't know.

The new Urza and I believe Saheeli might fit the bill too as alternative token generators.

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