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This seems like it’ll have some potential in a madness deck. Overall it may be too cute and survival is just better, but this does seem interesting as you can cycle several cards per turn.


This card certainly seems like it could fit the bill. Some Survival variants have eschewed blue and permission for more permanent and discard-based disruption and this card plays well with that. In many cases, you end up hellbent after activating Bazaar multiple times and then Anje's Ravager is just an Ancestral Recall in the attack step (turning on Bazaar again). I like it over Squee, but then I've always hated Squee.

I’ve been trying to play Madness cards for sometime now, and I feel like they always fall short. Rootwalla barely makes the cut into playability because it costs 0 mana and anything that costs 0 >>> anything that costs 1 or more.

The madness card above might be playable, but it will have to be playable based on the card text after it hits the table not that it has madness.

The legend that functions around madness is unplayable. 3 mana for a hasted Merfolk looter 99% of the time is not great.

I think Anje is only playable if you can pull off a kill on the spot. Shes ripe for that because of the haste and re-usability, but I am not sure what actual madness cards you can pair with her to make it work. Maybe some rituals / Songs of the dead style thing but it all just collapses against leyline.

Side note, you don't have to actually cast the card with madness, just discard it, so I think conceivably there is a small CA/filtering engine to be had with Call to the Netherworld and any black madness creature, and maybe a psudeo doomsday thing where you can just craft your whole hand in one cast, but without a madness land it is probably a pipe dream.

@protoaddict Songs of the damned, right? Well, at least madness doesn't get hit by GY hate, so you can kinda make a survival with some combo that's not hit by graveyard hate. I've always loved madness, but I agree with most you are saying. It makes madness better, but not yet playable. It's probably like sigarda's aid was when it got released. Those cards make the archetype way more appealing, but maybe we need some colossus hammer to make it viable.

Or maybe it's waiting for some people to brew something and discover it's good. After all, madness = card advantage. We don't have to make a full madness deck to make it work. Looting effects with the kind of power we have in vintage may make ir work.

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