Palinchron and Oath of Druids Rules Question

My apologies for the newbie question, but if I have a Oath of Druids in play, can I tap my lands for mana at the beginning of my upkeep, then trigger a Palinchron into play and untap those lands?

@NoManIsland Yes. Palinchron is not a "from hand" trigger, so no matter how it enters the battlefield it'll still trigger. Since you're tapping your lands during the same part of your turn that Oath triggers/resolves, you'll get your dude and lands. Heck, you could even wait until it enters the battlefield and triggers before tapping your lands in response to that trigger.

Now I have a new goal to see on Camera.

Player 1: Activate Oath?
Player 2: Ugh, yeah. Get Grislebran--
Player 1: (Windmill slam Palinchron, untap a Tropical Island -- Mox stays tapped)
Player 2: Wha... why?

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