Your life is short.

Too short to spend it doing something that brings you suffering.

There are many games and many hobbies and many communities.

People use Magic cards to play many different formats. Some people create their own formats. Many people prefer other formats to Vintage, or have no interest in Magic at all.

Playing Vintage is optional. Participating in the Vintage community is optional. Posting on TMD is optional.

You can disagree with someone without making fun of them. Or antagonizing them. Or invalidating their subjective experience.

You can make a good faith effort to understand why someone may not come to the same conclusions as you, and you can decide to engage them on those terms or decide not to engage them at all.

There are places on the internet where you can talk to people who are actually involved in the vintage banned and restricted process.

There are places on the internet where your well thought-out arguments and clever retorts won't get deleted.

Please try and have a nice day. You only get so many of them.

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