White Hatebears Primer Part 1 and 2 available.

Hi All,

this is my first attempt at writing and I finished Part 1 of a primer for WW style Hatebears which I enjoy playing alot

Please leave comments and send me messages for improvements to me made.




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loved the article. I am getting back into Vintage and I am currently in a Bant deck but I play Death and taxes in Legacy so I have the cards for this deck.

kinda hard to follow because the left banner covers half of the browser window.

Thanks for writing this! I've still only read part of it but it is good so far.
Hopefully we get enough primers to.have an entire section of them.

Nice write up. I especially like the chart at the end. That was very useful for bringing all the information together quick and easy.

This a super small note: Rest in Peace is from Return to Ravnica, not Theros.

LOVE the primer. I'm just getting back into vintage and I've loved playing white trash/hatebears. You really have to know about common decks and strategies which tends to mean you are doing research that informs your overall vintage knowledge base.

very nice primer! i liked how the whole article was written: explanation of card choices, possible additions and even meta match ups etc. The thing that stood out for me was the "Table of Critters" and i find it very useful on how to optimally build an aggro deck in vintage. if i were to write about my Zoo primer i'll use the same method and i hope you don't mind 🙂 can't wait for part two.

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