8/10 - EW Legacy AND Vintage Trials - South Bend, IN

Fantasy Games
52025 State Road 933
South Bend, In

$15 for each event

Start time:
11am for legacy event, sign up ends at 1055am, doors open at 10am.

6pm for vintage event, however it may be delayed if any players in legacy top 8 wish to play.

Winner of each event will receive a 1 round bye at the corresponding Eternal Weekend main event.

Store credit split among top players equal to total entries minus $50.

8-15, players top 4 split credit
16+ players, top 8 split credit

Credit is split after swiss rounds, but before cut to top 4/8.

Store credit must be spent same day.

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well, I'm probably going.

If I still lived in the area, I'd go.

Ah, memories...

I'd love to play in one of these, but as someone who lives about a 3 hour drive away a 6pm start is at least a couple hours too late. I learned about this event last year from Robert but the drive for an Indy area player is just too much.

I'm guessing you guys gets a lot of people wanting to play both trials, but is it possible to do them on different days? Like a Saturday/Sunday or even Saturday/ following Saturday? Seems like you could pull people from Chicago/Indy/Detroit a little easier that way, but maybe I'm wrong about that.

In any case I hope you have a great turnout.

@t1darkrit as one of the people planning on doing both trials, I'd definitely rather not have to make the trip twice.

REMINDER: this is happening Saturday!!!

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