Jace, Telepath Unbound and Yixlid Jailer

There's a tournament match on YouTube where little Jace functions through a Jailer. Is that an error? This was a paper match.

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Why would jvp not function through yixlid jailer?

  1. jailer doesn't stop you from interacting with cards in your graveyard.
  2. Even if jvp said, "target instant or sorcery in your graveyard gains flashback for it's mana cost" it would still work because of time stamps (think about humility vs mishra's factory).

Jailer never stopped will either. If that helps at all. Basically Jailer is very good against dredge and cards that have flashback or trigger from the yard, and bad against basically every other graveyard interaction (reanimation, snapcaster, jvp, will).

Jace's ability says you can cast the card, so it's not an ability from the card itself. And when the card is cast it goes to the stack so it's not in the gy anymore.

This happens with snapcaster too and I think flashback working is something about layers. But in both cases it 's supposed to work through jailer.

Flashback only works if it is granted flashback after the jailer came onto the battlefield, cabal therapy doesn't work with jailer on the field. But casting recoup on one after jailer is in play, would let you flash it back for B.

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