(M20) Vilis, Broker of blood

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New Griselbrand for oath. Each orchard gives you two cards. Misstep too. Lose the crypt flip is not as bad as before. Kills baleful strix...

I don't know if he's better than Griselbrand, but he is bigger.

No lifelink is huge and has to pay for it's effect. As a survival player I'd be very happy to see this one being fetched instead of griselbrand.

Griselbrand also draws without needing mana. Each activation for this guy costs B.

This is Griselbrand, like Greed is Yawgmoth's Bargain.

He might work with Bolas’s Citadel. It might work as a nice fun deck but hard to make work in a competitive meta.

I like him with the life gain storm card. You could make a super fun reanimator deck with this guy.

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Well, reanimating It gives you 8 cards...

Stupid memes aside, the problem with Vilis isn't even so much the weaker card-drawing ability, as the lack of Lifelink, as @GutoCmtt rightly points out. This makes Vilis much worse at stabilizing the board state especially against creature-heavy decks like Dredge, Survival, Shops, etc. The targeted removal makes up for this deficiency slightly in a minority of situations: I'd rather have Vilis than Griselbrand vs Monastery Mentor.

It's sad that Griselbrand obsolete's 99.999999999999999% of all Oath / Sneak / Show / Reanimate creatures. Dumb piece of shit card.

Edit: Maybe this means they'll finally ban Griselbrand in legacy.

Edit Edit: You don't need orchard tokens he can eat himself.

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If Griselbrand was restricted in this format I'm still not sure you would run this as a second one, even with the legend rule in effect.

If Griselbrand didn't exist this would be an amazing target however.

there might be a scenario where this can be Griselbrand #4. Example, reanimating a Griselbrand would result you at less than 7 life. Your Griselbrand is turned off. Instead, reanimating this card would put you at the same 7 life but it would result you in 8 cards. Maybe too narrow.

I'd also like to add that I've been in scenarios when I've had to hard-cast Griselbrand. This would be delayed because I needed to build to the BBBB color requirement. Vilis, however, is slightly easier to hard-cast because of the BBB requirement (I'm looking at you, Black Lotus.)

Not that this is a reason for me to play this card over Griselbrand (or to even play it along with Griselbrand,) but it's something to consider.

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I wouldn't dismiss the ability to shoot down oposing hatebears and pyromancers and draw cards in the process.
It is probably better in Legacy, where the interaction with Reanimate is just bonkers.
Also turning lifeloss into drawn cards is an unknown ability, which would have to be evaluated.

@coldcrow Very true, every fetch is now a draw, Necro now draws 2 per life, and Got probe is super broken as is Derpstep with this guy in play.

So if you oath this up...can you just cast angel's grace and draw the heck out of your deck for the win? I dunno if this guy is any good in anything we currently have but that ability screams "abusable" to me. Good job WotC - deckbuilder challenge accepted!

@thewhitedragon69 you still need to actually lose the life; angel's grace keeps you from dying, but his ability still costs 1 mana every 2 cards, plus having targets. you also can't pay life when you have none, angel's grace or not, which shuts off his ability, phyrexian mana, fetches, and other common ways of losing life intentionally.

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Sure, this ability is busted. The real question is whether it is busted at 5BBB, compared to the opportunity cost of casting something else like Griselbrand or Bargain.

One notable interaction: you can mini-Tendrils yourself (no matter how much life you have) to draw an absurd number of cards without losing any life.

@evouga said in (M20) Vilis, Broker of blood:

One notable interaction: you can mini-Tendrils yourself (no matter how much life you have) to draw an absurd number of cards without losing any life.

This is hilarious and actually makes me wonder if there's something there with this interaction.

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