After looking at @Brass-Man 's Survival list, I'm wondering if Death's Shadow could be used in other decks like Jund, Hate Bears (aggro centric strategies).

I see no reason it can't, does anyone have any thoughts on this? Should I buy them on MODO and try them out? Should I buy a playset of Russian foil death Shadows ASAP with no testing?!!
Is there any thing special I should do or look for when I test them?

Thanks in advance,

You should buy them.

They dominated Modern for a while. It has functioned like a super Goyf: a 1 Mana 7/7.

I think Goyf is very strong right now, so Death’s Shadow is just strictly better in the right deck.

Conclusion is Death’s Shadow would be great for play in the immediate future, but isn’t a long term staple. Just like Tarmogoyf.

Formats where it is strong do not have misstep. Not saying it could not work here, it just has an extra barrier.

Phyrexian dreadnaught is a similar card in this context and suffers the same issue.

Any one-mana threat is weak to Misstep. Shadow has a synergy with Misstepping their Misstep on your threat that most one-mana threats don’t have.

We had a Death's Shadow deck running around in our local meta and it had a pretty good run back then. The Missteps are really good along the shadow. It was basically a powered legacy shadows deck. I don't know if he's still playing that deck, since i haven't been playing much lately.

It could also work pretty well in a grixis deck with dreadhorde arcanist.

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