1 mana 3/4 with a repeatable crop rotation on it seems notable, though I'm not sure where it fits.

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I will definitely play this in Dredge. Or at least try.

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Green? Creature? Beatdown? Tutors for Bazaar of Baghdad? Survival.

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I will definitely play this in Dredge. Or at least try.

Why? It's very bad in the archetype, specially now, that pitch dredge is the best version.

I guess I still get spoiler notifications from people I follow. This card is fantastic. Being able to search up tabernacle against pitch goes a long way right now especially off of Cavern. It gets strip mine, cradle, depths, stage, bog, and more. It’s a fair version of crop rotation that reduces the blowout potential and opens up new design possibilities for atypical vintage decks like aggro loam. What a cool printing!


A 1 mana 3/4 that fetches Bazaar is not bad in a deck that revolves around Bazaar.

"tapped" might be what makes this not playable.

This card will see play and it is good. The meta may need time to see where it fits but it is good.

Doesn't this go into the dredge decks that turn into marit lage combo? It isn't so much about getting bazaar, since the land comes in tapped, but the other combo lands which cpt anyway.

I don't think it goes into Dark Depths sideboards. Green is not trivial to produce and if you wanted this, wouldn't you prefer to just run Crop Rotation directly?

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, though I'm not sure where it fits.

Modern Tron
Modern Jund
Modern KOTR/Zoo Naya
Legacy Jund
Legacy KOTR/Zoo Naya

It has plenty of homes, I don't think it makes too compelling of a claim in Vintage because of summoning sickness on the fetch-ability.


Green isn't trivial, but is one of the easiest colors for Dredge to produce thanks to Riftstone Portal. Crop Rot is bad because getting it misstep'ed is an absolute blowout.

I get that but 3 mana for a crop rotation is a lot


A turn 3 bazaar, doing nothing in t2, and having to have 2 other lands... I can't see It, sorry...

Maybe in survival, but not in dredge.

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I don't think the normal plan is to use this guy to crop rotate into bazaar, I think the plan is to crop rotate into whichever piece of the dark depths combo you're missing

I love this guy because he can be cast with a Sanctum Prelate set to 1. He also isn't blown out by misstep nearly as much as Crop Rotation because you don't have to commit to sac a land right away. I intend to test this guy in the Knight of the Reliquary shells I've toyed around with.

Turn one he comes in summoning sick and does nothing.
Turn two he fetches you a tapped land that does nothing.

Turning Expedition Map into a 1/2 creature (maybe 3/4 in the late game) in return for being two turns slower does not excite me, TBH.

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@evouga Dont you have to sac exp. Map to use its ability? This dude can fetch for a strip effect every turn. How can you compare both? Also, how can turn 3/4 be late game?
I would waste you to death and when we both have zero lands in play i still have a 3/4 on board. It isnt bad, Is It? I like this dude. And hes not exp. Map with legs.

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Well every time you fetch a tapped Wasteland, you have to sacrifice one of your own lands. So he acts more like a Dust Bowl than a Demonic Hordes.

Sure, an argument can be made the Reclaimer is better than Crop Rotation in some Life from the Loam shell, etc. But again I'm not super excited.

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