How do you wrap deck lists in that code block?

Wrap it in three sets of quotation marks. It'll do some weird formatting, but eventually we could fix that

Ok thanks. It's actually three sets of 'backticks', which is the left of '1' on the keyboard.

Also, can you make some of these tags:

Dark Ritual
Tendrils of Agony

My bad! you're right, it's backticks

decklist in here

If you put something in `single backticks` you get a neat little inline block like this.

The markup language being used for formatting posts is actually markdown, there's an overview here it's super easy to use once you're used to it.


so actually tags can be made by any user on the fly, they're open text fields, you should be able to edit the initial post in the thread and change the tags to whatever you want, though obviously if there's an existing tag you should tend toward using those, and I/the mod staff will go around cleaning up non-useful tags

If you have any trouble figuring it out, let me know

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