(Bug?) 1 New Notification, All The Time

I've noticed that I appear to have 1 new notification about 80% of the time, but when selected there isn't anything new. "Mark as read" occasionally rectifies the situation, but not always. Definitely not a huge deal, just worried I'm missing something haha

Safari v 9.1, OS X 10.11.4.

have the same bug, using Firefox...

Unfortunately I haven't seen this bug myself ever? which makes it difficult for me to track down. If you can give me any more information around when you see it and when you don't, that might help ... though I suspect from the sound of it, whatever this is it's deep in the code (which I did not write and am not super familiar with )

Never experienced this issue. Currently using firefox 38.0.1

using Firefox 46.0.1 and I get the notification every time I load the page - even when reloading in the same session.

No idea what happened / what you did but the bug is gone for me, still using the same firefox version.

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