Deal Me In Games June 2 Vintage results

Another round is in the books for Deal Me In Games. We had 10 show up for our off-schedule event yesterday with 5 rounds of swiss and a cut to the top 4.

Our top 4 saw 4th seeded Joe Brennan (on his u/w/r xerox list) defeat 1st seeded Dean Harris (on no land belcher) 2-0

And 3rd Seeded Stephen Harvey (golden gun oath) defeat 2nd seeded Joe Lim (ravager shops) 2-1

In the finals Joe Brenna defeated Stephen Harvey 2-0 with stephen taking a hard luck mulligan down to 4 or 5 in game 2.

As usual we presented a pretty diverse meta at deal me in games. Out of 10 decks we had 3 xerox blue decks (joe's and my u/r saheeli/narset and a snapcaster xerox). 1 DPS decks. 1 no land belcher, 2 oath (golden gun and titan oath), 1 dredge, 2 ravager shops for 6 pretty distinct archetypes. And within the archetypes we had 2 xerox decks that played out a bit differently and 2 different oath decks.

Narset, Parter of Veils appeared in 4 decks
Karn the Great Creator was in 2 decks
Timetwister made into 3 decks (2 with narset, 1 without narset)

I'll have the year to date point totals for the store invitational shortly and Jason will be posting the top 4 decklists.

Fun anecdote from the day. Dean and I played each other in round 5. After the round was over (he won 2-0) we threw a 3rd game in for fun with me on the play. He started with leyline of anticipation in play.
I laid out land, mox pearl, voltaic key go. He passes his turn without doing anything. On turn 2 I play mana crypt and announced timetwister. In response he flashes in mana crypt and lion's eye diamond. With timetwister on the stack he cracks LED which causes him to discard his hand. I look in his gy and see 2 of his charbelchers. So in response I annouce FoW, pitching (I think) preordain leaving pyroblast and dack in my hand figuring Dean has no resources but a crypt and is in single card top deck mode while I get dack to filter draws.
Dean looks at me and says ,"Wait, what are you targeting with force of will?" completely confused about the stack now. "My own timetwister. Forcing it." It dawns on Dean what I'm doing. In a single sequence we had LEd and crypt cast at instant speed and somebody forcing their own timetwister. Absolutely have to love Vintage plays.

And here are your standings for the 2019 Deal Me In Games Invitational. Ryan McKinney does enough to maintain 1st place by 1 point over 2nd place Greg Hoover. And Greg falls into a tie for 2nd place with a charging Joe Brennan. The rest of the top is Dean Harris, Zach Dobbin, Stephen Harvey (new entrant to this year's top 8.) , Nick DiJohn and Chuck Grebe.

Congratulations to all are attendees yesterday, to all those in the top and to all those working on securing a top 8 spot to the invitational!


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