Yeah, this card seems really good, albeit a bit slow for the initial effect. But it can certainly take over the game.

@vaughnbros True, though I think the shift in Shops decks from more controlling to more aggressive will benefit Shenanigans. With Chalice, Thorn, and Lodestone Golem all restricted it is much rarer these days to be completely unable to make your 2-mana plays.

@stuart said in [MH1] Shenangigans:

This being a sorcery is a huge point against it in Xeroxy decks. Still a good card, but I think Grudge is likely better.

I honestly didn't see it was a sorcery. I don't think it's a huge issue against it, but being a sorcery means it's probably not maindeckable.

@taef said in [MH1] Shenangigans:

@thecravenone Shenanigans can be cast twice (or more) in one turn, too. Dredge can replace a card drawn for any reason.

As soon as I submitted, I realize I should've clarified: Ancient Grudge can be cast twice in one turn without further enabling while Shenanigans can't.

Basically ask yourself: in what matchups would you rather draw Shatter this turn than anything else in your deck?

If so, now you can.

The opportunity cost of playing a card like this “normally” (ie not with the upside previously stated in Dredge or Oath) is playing fewer Shattering Sprees. Unacceptable imo.

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@cambriel This is right, though I would add: "in what matchups would you rather draw Shatter this turn than anything else in your deck, with the option of also drawing Shatter on any future turn?" And I think the answer is still Shops.

@evouga if this was an instant, I could see me playing 1-of maindeck so it could be relevant even against PO or whatever. Being a sorcery I guess this is just a Shops-hate card.

BUT: there's an interesting interaction with it against decks that are not heavy on artifacts. You can discard it to JVP, Dack, whatever, and "draw" it whenever you actually need it. That way you can interact with stuff like half Vault/Key or whatever else they play. The option is pretty neat. My point being that in a JVP/Dack heavy deck, this can see MD play.

This card will be a tremendous boon for dredge, especially as blue decks have to gravitate away from Priest due to its lack of synergy with Narset. This card is more vulnerable to tormods crypt, but good dredge players can usually play around crypt effectively in either games 2 or 3. The dredge player being able to dredge their deck without having to worry about milling through answers makes the deck auto pilot far more effectively post board. Sorcery speed basically does not matter for the dredge player.

I've recently started testing this card in the sideboard of Oath. It seems very strong. It single handedly won a game against aggro shops. Matt Murray also told me about this card being the cage breaker. Recasting this turn after turn to destroy Grafdigger's cage fills a much needed niche against RUG Xerox.

This would be really good in a Karn deck.

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