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Maybe this can be considered for deck that can replace all there basic by snow-basic, like mono W Eldrazi.

A replacement to Path to exil in the sidebord.

So there are some obvious pros and cons:


  • opponent does not get to search up a bonus basic land


  • sorcery speed
  • needs a critical density of snow-covered lands to be reliable
  • blowout potential when opponent draws Strip Mine/Ghost Quarter/Fragmentize

At first glance the tradeoffs are not looking good for On Thin Ice, though I suppose it's an upgrade to Chain to the Rocks in many non-red creature decks.

So I know in a deck without red this tends to be better than chained to the rocks since you can slap it on a basic land as opposed to a dual. My question really is in a format with Swords to Plowshares, Path to exile, and really no pure aggro decks, is this better than Oust?

Because Oust sees no play and oust is kinda a great card that occupies the same space.

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