should anyone be playing disenchant/naturalize in a deck that also has the other color, or off-color moxen, here's a straight upgrade.

anyone playing green just got a straight upgrade to Naturalize in War of the Spark which I will go ahead and say seems like a better strict upgrade than this one.

Also, just to be that guy, its not technically a strict upgrade because color protection exists.

Nature's Claim / Naturalize + Disenchant?
Nature's Chant?


Well, I guess the distinction between White and Green on removing artifacts and enchantments has been eroding for some time. This is the next logical step.

Interestingly, though, doing this after War of the Spark was means that we now have a bunch of enchantment/artifact-like effects on Walkers. So, while this card makes disenchanting easier than ever, we also have a new card type to pay more attention to.

@Protoaddict The only vintage case I can think of is with Sphinx of the SteelWind.

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