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It's like somewhere between Cryptic command and Bant charm or something. The card does literally everything you might want in blue at instant speed, but that triple blue might be too difficult. Seems like a possibility.

Seems like a better card than counterspell.

It's cancel or entrancing melody for 1 or instant speed divination. Whatever you may need at the time, you probably get (or get closer to) with it.

interested in what they do with the rest of this cycle, albeit not for vintage

I think this card (like all modal spells) is a lot better than it looks at first glance. I wouldn't completely discount it as Vintage-unplayable: the first two modes are both almost always useful, and unlike Miscalculation this card not only cycles when you're counter-flooded but is a card advantage engine in its own right. The third ability is not super-relevant but is situationally useful (stealing Hangerback Walkers, Sol Rings, or, hilariously, Marit Lage tokens).

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