efficiently costed creature with card selection. probably doesn't make the cut in any existing decks but pushed so worth posting.

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The only thing that makes this worth posting is the flavor text, which makes him a very bad MTG trader. ๐Ÿ˜›

Serendib efreet but with the "downside" of bazaar -1 card. Quite pushed, but Blue Skies has not been a deck in any format for years. I could imagine a Modern deck that wants this, but I don't think itll have any issues getting it.

Cool card but a few years late to be blunt.

...Yeah, this card is just terrible in that Vengevine, Rootwalla, Hollow One deck that also wants Blue cards to pitch to Force of Will. ๐Ÿ™„

@fsecco It's triggers Vengevine with 1 Rootwalla or Hollow One. The limitation with Survival was that you could only run 4 Bazaars. Even if you included Survivals, you are still only 65% to hit those in an opening 7. Post-board games, you have to worry about Needle, Spyglass, Wasteland, etc.

This card seems quite good to me in that shell. Turn 1 Deathrite, Turn 2 this, discard a Vengevine, cast a Hollow One. You've put 11 power on the board without using Bazaar. Draw Bazaar or Survival? Great...discard this or pitch it to Force. But including two copies bumps you up to a 74% chance of finding Survival, Bazaar, or Trademage. Four puts you over 80%.

I'm not sure what the right number is (and it could be 0), but I'm definitely intrigued based on what I experienced piloting Survival. The floor on the card is very low, especially in a deck that is normally trying to cram as many Blue cards and Creatures into the deck.

@chubbyrain oh I actually meant that's a great catch. Seems bonkers in Survival and I'd definitely test 1-2 in it. Sorry if it sounded sarcastic, it wasn't the intention.

This certainly has a niche. I'd consider it borderline playable in a Dredge deck as I'd put it as a cast-able DR target. Its also probably worth testing in Survival builds as mentioned about.

Comparable cards:
Sphinx of Lost Truths has both the body+bazaaring effect, is 2 mana more to draw 1 extra card + get 1 extra toughness (with a kicker of 2 more to not discard). This card certainly has the edge in efficiency.

The next closest is Magus of the Bazaar. That is cheaper and re-usable, but has no effect in combat as its a 0/1 and you need to untap to get its first usage. I think if you are looking for multiple Bazaar activations this card makes more sense.

@vaughnbros Magus of the Bazaar was discussed, as was JVP, I believe, as an additional discard outlet in the rather long Survival thread. The need has existed for a long time. A significant advantage is that Trademage counts as a creature towards Vengevine so there is less need for multiple activations to "set up" for a two creature turn.

The "problem" about survival (at least the bug version) is what to take out for it in the maindeck. This could be nice, but I don't see it in one of the flex slots. And this is coming from a guy that is playing goyf and bob out of the sideboard. But maybe it's just something that we need to play to see how good it is. I guess it mostly depends on how strong a 3/4 flier is in the meta.

@gutocmtt I've never been a fan of Deep Analysis or Treasure Cruise, though this card certainly makes them better and I would probably keep 1-2 in based on that. I don't really like Trygone (only including as a blue creature) and Squee has never really fit my play style. Swapping out Trygone and Squee for these is my starting point.

@chubbyrain yeah, trygon is not the best and probably the worst of the 60. Squee is awesome mainly post sideboard to be able to keep a high pace in terms of creature density with survival against gy hate. Seeing 3 cards every turn with bazaar is also insane. I'd rather cut anything outside of the combo before it.

Anyway, I think there is still a lot to try in terms of creatures in survival and this card is one of them. The Leovolds and our blue kit already make every blue matchup favorable for bug survival (except for storm I guess, and if you consider pitch dredge blue, that too), and trygon even though seem pretty good against shops, it's actually not that good. Now that I think about it, it's a card that can enable stuff to happen after bazaar gets wastelanded and survival gets revoked.

So yeah, I think this post must have gotten pretty confuse but I was figuring things out as I typed.

TL;DR: sounds nice as a replacement to trygon

@gutocmtt I understand the rationale for Squee but my experience was more that my opponents would answer my Survivals and Bazaars and I would be stuck with an uncastable red card in hand. I very rarely had difficulty winning the games where I was able to keep Bazaar or Survival active, even when my opponent played graveyard hate, so most of the time, Squee felt unnecessary.

@chubbyrain Lately getting more creatures in play under grafdigger's have been too relevant. Last year when I was playing a lot I didn't feel that way at all. I think some things have changed, maybe it's even about it being able to be fetched with narset. Sometimes getting as many rootwallas and one casted creature (usually Leovold) isn't enough, mostly against YP.

I think it makes that deck potentially viable in legacy?

@gutocmtt There is a card called Plague Engineer that answers Elemental tokens and other 1 mana cost creatures. Brian Kelly and I are pumped for it but no one on TMD seems to have noticed the card's existence.

I was very impressed with Trademage in my stream tonight. Having redundancy was valuable. Being able to trigger Vengevines with one other creature was great as well. I even had a turn 2 kill with Lotus, Trademage, Rootwalla, 2x Vengevines (that's 20 without the pump).

@chubbyrain nice! Force of vigor was pretty good yesterday, as engineer and ouphe seemed to be (didn't get to play them much). How many copies of trademage did you try? I'm still a little skeptical as with engineer and ouphe there's even less space. Now I really don't know what tรด take it out for. Squee is too valuable G2 and g3 against xerox (and any other grindy deck with cage as the hate) for me to take it out. And fighting cage is almost never a good option.

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