Hey I'm 3 pages into a TPS primer and need access to the old boards for some old decklists. What's the link for the archive?

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Unfortunately the archive is still down, it's one of my higher priorities but I haven't been able to get it back up yet ... The data is safe but the old forum software is in rough shape.

Technobabble follows:
Basically it was build on 10 year old code that modern versions of PHP just don't support anymore - a version of PHP that is so old that modern operating systems don't support THAT anymore - and the people who wrote the software are long gone and have publicly stated they're not patching it. I basically need to set up a machine that runs legacy versions of PHP, Javascript, etc, to run the old software, and make sure that old machine doesn't auto-update itself, which is what broke the site in the first place. That or an intimidating data migration project to some new untested software.

tl;dr: it's down, and I promise I'm working on it. The data is safe, but I'm not sure when it'll be up again.

Can you use an emulator to run an old version of windows or something?

@shawnthehero More or less, yeah - it's all virtual machines so it's not incredibly difficult to spin up a new one, but it is some effort to even figure out which version of linux might be compatible with the old software (which has no documentation), and then once the box is up, it's a not-small amount of effort to set the site up to see if it worked. It'll get done, it's just been elusive so far.

Really appreciate what you are doing @Brass-Man

Is the old TMD look something we will ever go back to? It's without a doubt the best looking forum interface ive seen.

@bop I assure you that is not a universally held opinion. Unfortunately the best thing I can do is give users the ability to select from a number of themes. Given how subjective people's opinions on forum appearance is, I don't know if it's possible to find a one-size-fits-all solution.

If there's a specific problem/thing you're finding difficult about the new layout, feel free to make a new thread about it in the meta or feature-request board, so people can upvote it and I can get some idea if there's a consensus


Not really any problem, but rather the pleasant colours and having a border which clearly marks whats written makes it much easier on the eyes.


You can change your colors in your settings. Mine is slate gray background with white text.

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