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Scrapyard Recombiner 3
Artifact Creature - Construct

Modular 2
T, Sacrifice and artifact: Search your library for a Construct card, reveal it, put it into your hand, then shuffle your library.

Oh wait. So now we get a tutor for Ravager/Ballista? This is insane.

EDIT: OOps Ravager is a Beast! Hhahaha. Hangarback, Overseer, Ballista, Chief of the Foundry, Inspector are all constructs.

EDIT 2: Metalworker, Kuldotha, Metalwork Colossus, Myr Battlesphere, Scrap Trawler, Traxos, Triskelion and Treasure Keeper are also constructs.

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I'm seriously surprised no one seems to give this any love. 😢

It seems really nice. We must test it, a tutor for Mud, really interesting.

This is a ridiculous ability on a body that has upside when it gets removed (and it will). Unfortunately, it's too slow against PO which may be enough of a hurdle to prevent much testing.

On the other hand, builds are currently going through a massive metamorphosis thanks to the new Karn so a few copies may slip into lists.

@cutlex I think it can even be a SB card. The ability to find Hangarback in the mirror or Ballista against creature decks seems pretty good.

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Also, come on, we're talking about a 3 mana draw engine on a stick. Seems to me it's all Shops ever wanted.

The problems with this is that this isn't really an aggro card, doesn't really provide card advantage, and gets shut off by Null Rod. What are you cutting from Ravager shops to play this? Is there a set of Constructs that when combined auto-win the game?

@vaughnbros I'm not cutting anything, but I am cutting those Hangarback from the SB probably, since this can be a better toolbox to find specific good cards in a matchup (Hangarback and Ballista, specifically, but also Steel Overseer). Being shut off by Null Rod or Revoker sure sucks, of course, but the CA problem is not really an issue for me. You can cycle useless Moxen, or sac Hangarback or sac itself and give +2/+2 to another creature (and you know those counters matter a lot.

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