Goblin Engineer
1/2 goblin artificer

When this etb, search your library for an artifact and put it in your grave.

R, tap, sac an artifact: Return an Artifact with CMC 3 or less from grave to play.

I'm thinking this has implications for Vintage. Can technically find both peices to Vault/Key and put them into play. Makes psuedo Welder 4-8, makes trash for treasure a tinker???? What do others think?

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I want to brew some sort of red welder/shops vault key grindstone painter crazy deck.

Ah true, this is a tutor, an uncounterable one with Caverns on goblin, for 90% of the combos in 2 card Monte. Interesting.

I like it for Bolas's Citadel.

First one can move it to the yard for you to trash for treasure it, subsequent copies can remove other ones so you don't hit a 6 mana wall while you try to go off or pull wincons like keyvault or painterstone for you to unearth or whatever.

Daretti, Welder and this make for a pretty nice engine. Entomb hasn't resolved in Vintage like 10 years so this will be interesting.

I like this just on it's own as a lock piece in a Staxx type deck. It's a Trinisphere, its a Null Rod, its a Tangle Wire... Once you have the lock down you can assemble Key + Vault.

This seems pretty good. It's Entomb and Trash for Treasure in 1 card. Turn 1 this with Mox is a high threat. I love it.

The fact that this and goblin welder are both goblins really helps with running Cavern of Souls. Before it just wasn't optimal to run 4 Caverns just for Welder in the fear of Derpstep. But with 8 goblins 4 Caverns seems much more viable, and this costing 2 letting it get around d Derpstep is already a plus. How long before Trash 4 Treasure gets restricted 😉 lulz

UR Fayden-Karn-Goblin Stax. You get artifacts from your opponent, your library and your sideboard. I'm excited.

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With a lot of these new pitch cards you truly are not locking your opponent out unless you get Karn and lattice, but I think with the inclusion of this guy you can do a main deck lattice and 1 in the board and actually reasonably make that happen.

@protoaddict Lattice is even not useless on its own since it makes Goblin Welder able to destroy PWs 😛

I'm really enjoying this set so far which is full of "What would a Vintage staple look like if we didn't mess up the design the first time."

This is the best example. Costing 2 and having an activated ability of 1 is strong, but reasonable. And Welder, nor the color pie or abilities in general, are meant to just permit exchanges in the opponent's graveyard.

That said, I would have never thought of adding a built-in Entomb, and I think it's great flavor!

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