@blindtherapy the naming is a bit FORCED omg please tell me that was intentional 😁

The thing I’m confused about here is that I can’t see a real practical incentive to cast this on your own turn. I guess for Vintage it’s relevant that topdecking this delays unlocking you from Spheres / Revokers / Rods for a turn. That seems marginal though? (and thus not a compelling reason to attach this text other than to conform to the rest of the cycle). And I don’t see the applications in Modern, I may be missing something obvious tho

Feels like they just wanted to get this free effect into the card pool.

I felt forced to make the joke

I think that for modern they don't want free spells to contribute to massive multispell turns for tempo reasons. Or maybe they just wanted a restriction and this was what they came up with. It's certainly an interesting one, depending on what it ends up on.

I'm not sure how much the delay really hurts you. If you're under spheres, casting this may still be your whole turn, unless you had a bunch of fast mana stranded in hand to play after it. Under a null rod or revokers, you can't use your newly freed on-board fast mana for sorceries, which is a concern, but if you're able to cast this on lock cards and not threats you're likely going to untap and be unrestricted.

Yeah, this card is just phenomenal. I think it is easily the best card spoiled so far and I intend to build around it with Knight of the Reliquary, DRS, Abrupt Decay and possibly Leovold to keep the green count high. I also think you could run like 1 Sylvan Library and some Tireless Tracker to say nothing of Green Sun's Zenith. OMG, the possibilities for this card are exciting. What utility!

Yeah, I'm pretty excited to try this out in some Hatebear shells as well. I will probably just replace the four Seeds of Innoncence in the sideboard with four of these.

@blindtherapy It's also a bit more restrictive in the case of a topdeck situation where you don't already have the extra card to pitch, meaning you can't remove the threats right away and then attack or cast more stuff. If you don't have a big density of green cards, this should come up quite often.

@blindtherapy I honestly think they did this "not on your turn" mechanic to balance the new FoW and then just replicated it on the others to make a cycle. The only one where this really matters is the blue one.

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@fsecco The black one can’t kill flashed creatures, which is big.

@vaughnbros oh there are several implications on the cards and they obviously designed them with this in mind. But I bet they all came after Force of Negation, and that the drawback was actually thought so that card could be released, meaning we shouldn't spend much time trying to figure out why Force of Vigor has the clause.

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Yeah I think it's pretty clear that the thought process was "People are asking for Force of Will in Modern but we don't want to print Force of Will in Modern, so how can we make a fixed version?" followed by "It would be cool if we made a cycle of pitch cards to go with this one." You only have to look at the names to see that the blue one led the way.

Oh wow I think we have the champion of badness in the cycle hahaha

alt text

It's a "Ball Lightning" that you can use as a combat trick to block stuff if you play on opposing turn.

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@fsecco if the card was worded like normal ball lightnings then it would be a bit over the line in legacy/modern burn.

@fsecco the normal ball lightning clause is to sacrifice at the beginning of the next end step. if this card didn't sac on next upkeep, you would be able to cast this on your opponent's end step(for the alternate cost), then move to your turn and get to attack before then losing them at your end step. Compare to Waylay, which at one point could be played as 'the white ball lightning' when it could be cast on end step and let you untap and attack. turning 2 red cards into 6 damage is of course normal for burn, but doing it for 0 mana is not.
I think the most recent parallel to this templating is Rally the Ancestors, an instant that brought your creatures back and then exiled them at your next upkeep.

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As is the pitch ability is straight garbage though, it’s basically like bad pyrokinesis. So the power level gap between the Red Force + the Blue/Black/Green Forces is dramatic.

Red force more seems like a card you want to cast on your own turn, and even then it’s a bad version of ball lightning (of which there are a dozen versions).


I love when in these cycles 1 color gets a card that can alter multiple formats, and the other gets a card that is barely playable in draft.

@vaughnbros it's always like this and blue is usually the best in the cycle hahahaha


I liked the time that they made the Red leyline cost mana.

@fsecco There's a certain argument to be made that the green one is the best this time. 🙂

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@craw_advantage in Vintage it certainly is.

EDIT: there are always exceptions, like the Titan cycle, but mostly blue just gets the best tools 😮

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The red is better than ball lightning as it's not easily removed and can get through if opponent has one big blocker. Also, combat tricks can get some pretty good value.

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