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@protoaddict white was leaked, it's Swords to Plowshares for 2 mana

what? where is it leaked?

@stormanimagus i saw the picture on facebook, i think Travis Compton posted it, not sure where he got it

@blindtherapy said in [MH1] Force of Vigor:

@stormanimagus i saw the picture on facebook, i think Travis Compton posted it, not sure where he got it

Can you please link me? It isn't on mtgsalvation at all.


If it's what I've seen, it's fake. (Sorry, WhatsApp group, so no link)

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@vaughnbros The first green cards I would consider would be Grave-Troll (obviously), Noxious Revival (in the Petrified Field slot), Shambling Shell (which has Dredge 3 but can be eaten by Unmask and Ichorid) and perhaps Molderhulk as a Dread Return target

Honestly I don't think you have to worry about green count that much because you should have some time to filter your hand vs Leyline and vs everything else you can Dredge a Troll which you are definitely running anyway


Leyline I think is the main reason to run this card. I'm looking a multiple set ups:

I like Muldrotha a lot as a dread return target and it pitches to all the cards now so that is nice. Along with some number of Life from the Loam, and Nature's Claims I think I can hit the 16 in standard list without feeling it all. Shambling Shell makes sense in an Ichorid build over Golgari Thug.

Land Grant + Dryad Arbor are more interesting to me with this card in my deck

The survival plan of 4 Rootwallas + 4 Vengevines is also interesting

I think Noxious Revival is pretty bad. I don't really like GY cards that don't actually work from the GY.

I've been texting my friends about how great I think this card is.
It has obvious inclusions in the sideboards of Survival, Dredge, BUG Fish, and Oath. It makes green beaters like Tarmogoyf better. It has combo brew potential with things like Manamorphose and Regrowth. I'm excited.

Trygon Predator pitches to all the useful Forces now. Sweet.

so does Transguild Courier

White came out. Why is that white ALWAYS gets the worst deal in these cycles hahaha

alt text

If it's not your turn, you may exile a white card from your hand rather than pay this spell's mana cost.
Creatures you control get +1/+1.

@fsecco Yeah I really don't get this, I assumed this cycle was going to be all bangers, but white still gets a clanger.

@craw_advantage White has the worst traits of any color. Creature removal going to black and Disenchant effects going to green leave white with... I have no idea. I guess a token generator or a Silence/Abeyance effect could've been good.

@fsecco I like the idea of Silence + Fog. That would be useful broadly enough to give it some applications at least, even if it would still be probably the weakest of the cycle.

@craw_advantage Silence/Abeyance would be cool because it would be a way for Modern to have resilience against fast combo without depending on blue. Anyway, Red feels like it's going to be a Pyrotechnics variant and that's it. Just blue and green are Vintage relevant.

This is probably the strongest card in the cycle in small formats like Standard where aggro is viable (the new blue Force is also up there)

@ajfirecracker were this card to be in standard, sure

Oh is this stuff not Standard-legal? I know literally nothing about the new set other than the spoilers I've seen

@ajfirecracker printed directly into modern(and legacy/vintage/EDH), skipping standard. lets them print a bunch of pushed power level stuff without having to have it all be in standard at the same time.

Good card to have in the Vintage card pool. But a super confusing design. What does the oppo-turn clause actually do here. It makes sense for the other two spoiled Forces but this one makes next to no sense.

Also not into the flavor and naming of many of these but I suppose that’s secondary

I think the opposing turn clause, aside from being done to restrict the counterspell and then expanded out from there, is designed so that the cards can't be part of going off with multiple spells on your turn. If it's your turn you should be spending mana to cast these spells, as your land just untapped.

i agree, the naming is a bit forced.

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