May 20, 2019 Banned and Restricted Annoucement

No changes.

Next B&R Announcement: July 8, 2019

Brief mention of London Mulligan:

Other competitive formats are generally looking healthy at this time, and we've determined no need for changes. We were happy with the outcome of the Modern portion of Mythic Championship II, and will continue to research and debate whether the London mulligan is the right change for all Magic formats. If we do move forward with the London mulligan, our approach will be to observe changes in each format's metagame first, rather than making predictive or precautionary changes to the banned and restricted lists.

Not unexpected, and while I may have had some opinions a few weeks ago, the big upheaval that War of the Spark and London Mulligan have caused, and what looks to be an impactful Modern Horizons, make me very comfortable with not making any hasty changes.

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