Pay 1 life, tap, sac: search your library for a basic land and put it into play, shuffle.

Does this have viability in Eldrazi since it can grabs plains and wastes? I can't think of much other use, but I like it none the less.

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It could be a player in White eldrazi but I would not go that crazy about it.

In EDH this feels like a big staple for any 3+ color deck, or anything that wants to be able to fetch wastes. Get foils. For Modern, I think this could show up in something like Jund, but I'm not sure it gives enough variety over a regular fetch yet.

I want to say it is a budget option for a deck like Skred Red in modern/legacy as well but I doubt this will keep a budget price tag, and even at that it could be useful as on color fetches 5-8 there to go get snow lands.

Honestly, I think this is reasonable as a one-of in Blue decks that run several basics. You see some URx decks running Island, Mountain, Plains, and/or Forest. The card actually outperforms traditional fetchlands in that limited role as I'm sure every Blue mage has been in that position where they've wanted to fetch a Mountain and drawn one of the 3 non-Tarn fetches. I can't see more than 1 to 2 given the diminishing returns though. Another very sweet printing with Vintage applications.

Its going in my pimp Mono Red pet deck only because this in Russian is cheaper than 4 Summer(edgar) mountains.

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