Eternal Weekend North America 2019 - Oct 31-Nov 3 - Pittsburgh, PA

@thecravenone why?

What if we all start calling wotc customer service wondering what the deal is, would that help?

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After two weeks of my automated complaining, CT has posted some details!

Hotel block is at the Courtyard Marriot Downtown Pittsburgh [Link to block]

Vintage playmat:

Legacy playmat:

Modern playmat:


Also adding this to the initial post on this thread

I'm not lazy - I'm efficient!

There's also the VIP Playmat ❤
alt text

Just saw this:

I don't remember if these artists were from last year. Anyone knows?

EDIT: Hum... I really think I just leaked information from EW a few days in advance...

EDIT 2: they took it down already, I printed it but won't publish anywhere. Will just say that Vintage is Friday, together with Modern, which sucks.

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@fsecco hope that's not 100% yet.
Not a fan of single elimination for the trials... Our group typically uses them as last minute practice.

@tittliewinks22 I think it's probably 99% what it's gonna be. Single Elimination trials are bad imo too, but whatever. I'm just sad about the Modern Championship... it's not even Eternal and we're gonna share the room with them on friday =/

@mike-noble I'm sorry I want to know the details of an event prior to it happening. I guess I'll go and fuck myself.

@thecravenone said in Eternal Weekend North America 2019 - Oct 31-Nov 3 - Pittsburgh, PA:

@mike-noble I'm sorry I want to know the details of an event prior to it happening. I guess I'll go and fuck myself.

I mean I knew it was happening on that weekend a long time ago and booked rooms out of fear of a Steelers home game. I guess what additional details were needed for most people? I can see being pissed if they announced that Vintage would be on Thursday or something wacky but that hasn't happened. If the art on the playmat was the make or break for anybody they are going for the wrong reasons.

Edit: go fuck yourself

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I have no idea if any of this hate is directed at me. Maybe I need to know before I can retribute any fucks given 🐷
But just wanted to make clear I don't care whatever single elim or Modern, etc. I'll be there anyway. Just don't like sharing one of the only Eternal events in the year with the most popular constructed format in the game, that has tons of tournaments and GPs every time. If that's something they had to do to keep the event relevant, that's alright with me though.

Austin will be sending 6 mages to Pittsburgh. We're currently designing our shirts for the event, and as my tokens arrived in the mail last week, I'm feeling confident in our style points this year.

What’s the deal with single elimination?

Is it just because they can turn and burn more tourneys, or do people enjoy the knockout format?

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@joshuabrooks It's cheaper at $20/pop as opposed to $30/pop last year which helps people grinding for Byes. But it it unfortunate for those of us that just want to get as much sanctioned vintage in during the weekend as possible 😞

I think this is a more typical setup for bye producing last minute tourneys, outside of ew.

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